In the beginning

Established in 2016, AIRE was conceived by Lancashire artist and designer, Claire Williams, with the sole purpose of bringing modern magnificence to walls with nostalgic design.

Now with 18 years of experience in surface print, Claire has a passion and love for creating focal wall coverings that are at the same time practical and aesthetically pleasing. At her core, Claire does not believe that there needs to be a compromise between utility and beauty and art through wallpaper should be available to all.

Having studied Surface Print Design at university, Claire has spent many years practising the craft she loves, as well as teaching and passing on her knowledge to the next generation of artists through her role as a Higher Education tutor. In different ways over the past two decades, Claire has found many methods of expressing her creativity through her work, and bringing splendour to the lives of her friends, family, customers and students in the process.

Expressing creativity

Drawing inspiration from the green and rolling Lancashire countryside and windswept moorland landscapes that surround Claire’s home, AIRE is a British brand that is firmly located in its time and place. The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, thanks to its proliferation of cotton mills and other textile industries, Lancashire is the perfect location for this up-and-coming name in the UK’s diverse interior design scene.

Making full use of the influences and stimuluses that surround her, Claire has immersed herself in a world of history, countryside, design and art to create a range of luxury wallcoverings that are unique. Fashioned using a range of artistic techniques, both traditional and modern, Claire has managed to seamlessly blend the old with the new to form something both beautiful and timeless, enabling her creative flair to interior settings.