Papillon Collection

A true labour of love, the Papillon Collection is named after the French word for butterfly, and inspiration is taken from the associated subtexts of natural life, growth, transformation and elegant attractiveness.

Initially hand drawn using traditional drawing methods, the delicate watercolour floral designs are evocative of the British countryside and a bygone era of style and beauty.

Produced by layering design onto substrates of pearlescent, metallic and foil papers, the finished product is then deftly formed to create an artful wall-covering that is at once completely timeless and yet thoroughly modern.

Whether hung in a heritage home or a contemporary workspace, these sophisticated wallpapers transcend time and place to generate a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to their eternal exquisiteness, the Papillon Collection wallpapers will bring a touch of glamour to any room and bestow a feeling of calm tranquillity on any admirer.

To see the true beauty of these wall coverings for yourself, please request up to 3 free samples.