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As a niche, local brand, within an industry with powerful and geographically extended competitors, AIRE started from the idea that size is not what defines the quality and sustainability of a business, but instead  its ethos and philosophy.

The wallpaper story has been born from the idea that art is for all of us and there are various and wonderful ways to express it.

How Did Our Wallpaper Story Begin?

AIRE was founded on the grounds of education, being the natural sequel of a career in lecturing. And, that can be found in the design patterns: a painting look-alike collection of wallpapers, which communicates the idea of drawing and painting as a way to manifest a lifestyle philosophy.  In addition to the wallpapers, several more ranges have been developed which include fabric, stationery and products for the home.

drawing, watercolour

The traditional starting point of drawing is key.

sketchbook of floral photography inspiration

The development of research and techniques is documented in sketchbooks.

Tim Walker image of flowers on a coat hanger

Tim Walkers photography beautifully curates floral scenes that inspire AIRE greatly.

Among its objectives, AIRE aims to transmit that creativity is not an infantile concept and painting should not be left somewhere in the box with childhood memories. More than that, it should be part of our lives and coat the walls of our imagination, and eventually of our homes. And, this way, painting becomes art, which is not conventionally caught between the edges of a frame.  An approach that photographer Tim Walker confidently displays in his current exhibition, Wonderful Things at the V&A.

This is what AIRE believes to be a chain of effects. The wallpaper dimension itself, not being physically restrained by boundaries, induces the above mentioned philosophy. Painting, drawing or art in general, have no limits. They do not discriminate and they militate for equality. Their engaging and inclusive character invites us all to embrace the diversity within human nature and to express it in colours and shapes.

Art does not judge or ask for anything, other than being made.

The Importance of Heritage

This summer saw the Festival of Making return to Blackburn and in doing so, provided examples galore of the possibilities that can manifest once art and manufacturing come together.  AIRE was founded by  Claire Williams, who was born and bred in Blackburn before starting an art career at the local college, migrating to London and eventually back to the Cottonopolis of Manchester.  A move closer to Blackburn was inevitable and although the brand is now based in the historic textile village of Helmshore, the potentials of local manufacturing and creativity prove to be massively inspiring.

samples, wallpaper, digital, craft

Strike-off at the local Factory in Lancashire.

rolls of wallpaper on stone floor

A selection of designs from the Papillon range.

Where Did The Wallpaper Designs Come From?

From an aesthetic perspective, although they are made out of patterns, the AIRE designs resemble the diversity and unevenness of nature, the pieces of which match perfectly. And, this represents another message AIRE wants to transmit, as well as the origins of its very existence: a reinterpretation of Northern English countryside, which deserves to be admired, preserved and believed in.

pink flowers

Flowers are studied and then translated into watercolour paintings.

large hydrangea watercolour floral velvet cushion

The fabric is digitally printed before being made into products.

Tea towel hanging in Kitchen

A tea towel, locally manufactured in Lancashire.

This, along with idea of creativity for all, contributes to building the philosophy behind AIRE, and also the ethos of this brand. The heritage of AIRE is the heritage of Lancashire itself and our mission is to highlight its beauty and bring it inside a home.

Furthermore, through its innovative and distinctive type of manufacturing, AIRE aims to revive the area’s crafting past, in a manner that can improve the future. Indeed 10% of profits that AIRE makes goes to fund craft workshops in local schools in a bid to engage pupils with creativity.

In addition, AIRE has worked closely with the Crafts Council to facilitate creative workshops as part of their Make you Future initiative.  This experience allowed for future designers and makers to gain experiences with will hopefully shape a creative career.

Fabric samples displaying print experimatation

Work created by Year 10 students at Hanson Academy and Claire as part of the ‘Make your Future’ initiative run by the Crafts Council.

In simpler words, AIRE is born from the idea of meaningful business, which is able to grow alongside everything that surrounds it. We focus on preserving our values and the values of Lancashire, which we capture beautifully on paper and fabric.

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