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Wallpapers made in the UK

Artist and designer, Claire Williams, launched AIRE in 2016, with the goal of bringing floral nostalgia to modern wallpaper.

Located in the beautiful rolling green hills of Lancashire, AIRE takes its inspiration from the rich textile and printing history of the surrounding mill towns. Mixing the classic elegance of timeless designs with modern printing and production techniques, AIRE is at the vanguard of a new wave of innovative and creative wall-coverings.

Using art, history and the idyllic English countryside as its stimuli, AIRE perfectly blends the old with the new. With time-honoured hand drawing methods, luxuriant materials and colourful, innovative print practices, AIRE conjures up delicate wallpaper designs suitable for both traditional and modern environments.

As AIRE continues to grow its collection, more recent fabric additions have seen sumptuous velvets, luxurious linens and stunning lifestyle pieces such as lamp shades, cushions, notebooks and tea towels.

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Featured Wallcoverings

AIRE’s vision is to create opulent wall-coverings suitable for anyone who values the aesthetic. Whether in a residential or a commercial setting, AIRE’s indulgent wall-coverings provide a warm and welcoming ambiance and an exciting visual experience. And with a combination of exceptional craftmanship, rich textures and enduring designs, these decadent wallpapers will eschew the trends of fashion and remain relevant and vibrant for years to come.

With its foundations firmly built in the historic Lancashire landscape, AIRE is a homegrown British brand rooted in time and place. Drawing its creativity from this, AIRE is also committed to working solely with other British businesses, particularly in Lancashire, at all stages of the journey, from production to distribution.

A true labour of love, AIRE’s debut collection – entitled ‘Papillon’ – invokes a romantic idyll of bygone days, whilst still being utterly fresh and contemporary. Named from the French word for butterfly, the Papillon Collection derives inspiration from ideas of transformation, growth and elegance. The delicate hand-drawn watercolour florals are digitally printed onto substrates of pearlescent, metallic and foil papers resulting in abstract, statement pieces of wall art.